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aeronautical engineer//programmer//artist

about me

I am a Master's Level Aeronautical Engineering graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand. My degree has provided me with broad proficiency and flexibility across many topics that you would find in aeronautical or mechanical engineering. I practice programming and art in my spare time and aim to translate the skills I developed into these fields as well, balancing creativity and analytical thinking.

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my work__

master's level research focused on aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics // scientific python and data analysis using pandas // beginner html and css

aerodynamics and engineering._

Master's Research: Aerodynamic Analysis of an Accelerating Missile

Drag and shockwave analysis of a missile accelerated and decelerated at 106g between Mach 0.8 and Mach 1.6 using computational fluid dynamics(CFD) and user defined code.

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Undergraduate Research: Aerodynamics of an Accelerating Airfoil

Lift and drag analysis of an airfoil under variable accelerations and decelerations along with shockwave and flow field analysis using computational fluid dynamics(CFD).

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Team Mechatronics Project: Simulation of Humanoid Leg

Simulation of an under-actuated, humanoid, robotic leg using Matlab and Simulink followed by a full stability analysis using various controllers.

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Budget Application and Formatter

Budget calculator app that tracks deposits, withdrawals and transfers between custom categories. Total spending between categories is calculated as a percentage and formatted visually.

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Probability Calculator

App that determines the probability of drawing an amount of coloured balls with variable number and colour combinations from a hat.

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Page View Time Data Visualiser

Project that visualize time series data using a line chart, bar chart, and box plots using Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn.

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Personal Portfolio Page

Breakdown of UX design, HTML and CSS of this page which was created from scratch.

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